Alivecor Kardia Mobile EKG Heart Monitor Review

In this stressful day and age, it is encouraged to take heart health seriously. While regular exercise and a good diet definitely play a role in preventing heart disease, self-administered tests can help significantly lower health anxieties. Thankfully, daily heart monitoring is now available through the Alivecor EKG Heart Monitor.

This product works together with your smartphone to detect abnormal heart rhythm and lets you know within 30 seconds whether you need medical attention.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider purchasing this product:

  • It can be used anywhere, anytime.
  • It is trusted by medical professionals.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It is compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

What Is An EKG Heart Monitor

An EKG monitor, or electrocardiogram, is a device that helps to give accurate measurements concerning the electrical activity of your heart by visualizing your heart’s activity on a straight line. This means that it can pick up on how many beats your heart produces per minute and if there are any irregularities that you should know about.

Traditional EKG Monitors

Traditional monitors make use of patches and electrical wires that are usually attached to your chest. As electrical signals travel through your heart, the EKG heart monitor will pick up and record these signals in a graph.

Normally, this graph would then be printed out on a piece of paper and be handed over to a cardiologist for careful review.  After analyzing your test result, your doctor will then suggest an immediate course of action if you have any serious heart problems.

Cardia Mobile EKG Monitors

Luckily, with all of the technological advancements in the health care industry, you don’t need to go straight to a doctor to get monthly heart check-up anymore. The Alivecor Cardia Mobile EKG device is a portable heart rate monitor which allows you to take unlimited EKGs wherever you are without needing to apply any cables, wires or patches.

As a result, you can go about your day and monitor your heart’s activity when it fits your schedule. Furthermore, the affordability of this device, compared to regular doctor appointments, really puts a spring in just about every customer’s step. When it comes to precision, it is also excellent at detecting atrial fibrillation (AFib), which is a very common type of abnormal heart rhythm.

How Does It Work

What makes the Alivecor Cardia mobile EKG monitor really special is its innovative nature and overall easy manageability. It works in unison with the Kardia Application which can be downloaded onto your iTunes or Google Play account.

After you have unpacked the monitor and successfully installed the app on your phone, you can follow these steps to record an EKG:

  • Open the Kardia app on your phone by tapping on the application icon
  • Tap the “record EKG” button
  • Make sure to place the Kardia Mobile EKG monitor near your phone
  • Place two fingers on each sensor, making sure to use your left hand on one sensor and your right hand on the other
  • Keep your two fingers on the EKG very still for at least 30 seconds so your EKG can be recorded accurately
  • When 30 seconds have passed you will be able to view your results

Although this device can be extremely beneficial for overall heart health, it is not intended to replace your annual heart screening. Furthermore, it is very important to consult a trusted physician immediately if this device reports an irregular heartbeat or any other type of cardiac abnormality.

Stand Out Features

Very Easy To Use

The small product is very easy to unpack and comes with in-depth instructions and overall recommended usage ability. However, it is so easy to use that you may not need to read through the instruction booklet at all. It should also be noted that this product accommodates all age groups and requires very little set up time.

Provides Continuous Heart Monitoring

Seeing as this product can be used any time during the day and at any location, you will be able to get peace of mind whenever you need it.

Continuous monitoring is made easy thanks to the fact that you only need to place your fingers on the EKG heart monitor to review the activity of your heart. Consequently, there will be no need for additional gels or wires like you would use with traditional monitors.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

If you decide to make use of all the benefits that come with a premium subscription when downloading your Kardia app, then you will have access to unlimited cloud storage. Essentially, this means you can save as many EKG recordings as you want on a monthly basis.

In addition to unlimited space, you will also receive mailed reports which you can take with you to your next doctor’s appointment.

Compatible With Most Smart Devices

Another stand out feature that you can count on is that this product is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Seeing as it records your heart with a bit of help from the Kardia app, the fact that it is so compatible with modern technology will make this device a lot easier for you to use.

Fast Results

After resting your fingers against the EKG heart monitor for 30 seconds, you will be able to view your results. Seeing as the test period takes less than a minute, this device makes regular heart monitoring very practical for a busy individual.

Benefits Of Using This Portable Heart Monitor

Aside from the instant peace of mind that this product offers, it can help to minimize the chances of getting a heart attack and alert you to other heart abnormalities. Additionally, it also does not require an extensive set up so it is easy to navigate for both old and young.

After you simply push a button you will activate the app on your phone, giving you free access to record your heart EKG. As a result, you can use this EKG heart monitor in the privacy of your own home or in a public area without the slightest inconvenience.

Furthermore, this product offers EKG results after a relatively short period of time which means you don’t have to sacrifice your daily activities to attend regular doctor appointments.

However, what truly sets this product apart is its compatibility and unlimited cloud storage options. These two factors allow you to access the monitor on any smart platform and gives you total control when it comes to your recording requirements.

Since this product is FDA approved, your doctor may suggest using it in conjunction with a fit and healthy lifestyle to keep your heart from skipping a beat when it is not supposed to!

In a nutshell, the benefits include:

  • Peace of mind
  • Early detection of common EKG abnormalities which could prevent a medical emergency
  • Ease of access and usage which makes it a practical choice for the average busy bee
  • It takes only 30 seconds to use
  • It provides free range when it comes to recording space, so there’s no need to compromise on your recording schedule
  • This product is FDA approved, ensuring top quality results

Minor Drawbacks

Although this product can give you a good quality screening without the use of a specialized physician, there are some drawbacks to take into consideration:

  • It cannot detect all EKG abnormalities
  • It is not compatible with an ICD or pacemaker

What People Say About This Product

When it comes to Amazon reviews, some people are claiming that it is the best heart rate monitor they have ever tried out. This widespread appreciation is also quite evident if you look at the number of people that gave this device a 5-star rating. With almost 60% of reviewers claiming that this product is top quality and doctors recommending it, one would be hard-pressed to not try it out.

A lot of reviewers with heart problems claim that they use this product on a day-to-day basis to successfully monitor their heart. Furthermore, people who do not have immediate access to doctors or medical grade equipment state that this product is their primary source of heart health confirmation.

In a new study found in The Journal of the American Heart Association, it has been reported that patients had a 4X increase in AFib detection when using this device. In other words, this EKG heart monitor has been proven to be very effective through the medical community.

AliveCor® KardiaMobile EKG Monitor | FDA-Cleared | Wireless Personal EKG | Works with Smartphone | Detects AFib Bradycardia and Tachycardia in 30 seconds
  • EKG ON THE GO: Take unlimited medical-grade EKGs anytime, anywhere. No subscription required.
  • EKG HISTORY: Store your EKGs on your phone, and email to your doctor with the press of a button.
  • TRUSTED BY DOCTORS: FDA-Cleared to detect Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia, Tachycardia or Normal Heart Rhythm in 30 seconds.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply place your fingers on the sensors-no wires, patches or gels required.
  • Works with most smartphones & tablets. See compatible devices below. Not recommended for use with pacemakers and ICDs.

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Final Thoughts

With thousands of people dying of heart disease every year, it is understandable why consumers would be on the lookout for an EKG heart monitor that can prevent some cardiac emergencies.

Seeing as this product is affordable, mobile and compatible with most smart devices, it can make for a very practical and reliable heart event monitor device in between doctor check-ups.

Although this product has some drawbacks to take into consideration, most of the medical and consumer reviews state that it has been successfully proven to detect heart abnormalities. This provides immense peace of mind for people who suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease.