Facial Smoothies Wrinkle Remover Strips

Facial Smoothies Wrinkle Remover Strips – Rapid Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – Smoothies contain 120 anti wrinkle patches in 6 different shapes to fit all the wrinkle prone areas of your face. Other brands have only one sheet with 27 or 30 patches in the pack. Compare the per-strip cost!! Smoothies® are the most effective, fast-acting, non-invasive wrinkle removal tool available. They are an excellent non-invasive Botox alternative. Like Botox, continued maintenance is required. Want a baby smooth canvas for your makeup? Try our antiwrinkle patches instead of primer. Wrinkle Filler Fans- compare Smoothies® antiwrinkle patches to your wrinkle filler and we think you’ll agree that Smoothies® are a more effective anti aging product, longer lasting than other anti-wrinkle treatments.