Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth, Mom and Baby Health Support

Garden of Life’s Raw Prenatal Vitamin Code supplement is an excellent product to consider when shopping around for the best prenatal vitamins for hair growth, and mom and baby health support. It is full of the essential nutrients needed for both prenatal and postnatal care.

Here, we discuss everything you need to know about this raw Garden of Life supplement:

  • Made from 23 different fruits and vegetables
  • Nutritional support for both mother and child
  • Includes probiotics, ginger, Vit D, and zinc
  • Supports health of blood and heart with iron, folate, and Vit C, E, and B-Complex
  • A vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free whole food multivitamin that is safe and healthy to ingest

About Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamins For Hair Growth, Mom and Baby Health Support

Prenatal vitamins are regarded by many as essentials when it comes to pregnancy and all of the preparations that come with it. As your body goes through the many changes involved with expecting a baby, the health needs of you and your child change too.

Garden of Life Raw Prenatal Vitamins is extremely helpful for pregnant women to make sure they are giving their body the nutrients it needs. While normal multivitamins are always a good idea for anyone to take, prenatal ones are specially designed to promote health for pregnant women as well as their growing unborn child.

Many women notice significant hair growth in terms of length and thickness during their pregnancy. This can be due to a variety of factors, one being the increased levels of hormones in a pregnant woman’s body.

For example, the increased presence of the hormone estrogen results in faster-growing hair that does not shed as easily as it usually does. This may also be due to increased blood circulation and a faster metabolism.

Prenatal vitamins have also been attributed as the cause for this growth in hair length and thickness. Many women swear by these products as a must-have supplement, even when they’re not pregnant.

If you are looking into taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth only, it may be useful to be 100% sure what this product contains and how it may change and affect your body. If you are pregnant, keep reading too – the benefits of Garden of Life’s prenatal supplement is definitely something to consider.

Benefits Of Taking This Supplement

Prenatal and Breastfeeding Moms

When looking around for the best prenatal vitamins, you don’t need to look much further than Garden of Life’s products.

There are many benefits to choosing these supplements. They are formulated from 23 different fruits and vegetables which bring to the mix a variety of nutrients which an expecting mom and growing baby needs. This way, you know that you are receiving some of the best immune care.

The unique formula used is designed specifically for mother and child, both during pregnancy as well as after the baby is born. Even during breastfeeding, these nutrients help you to ensure that your body is getting enough folate. This is one of its biggest selling points as it helps the baby’s development in the womb and prevents neural tube defects.

The presence of folate in breast milk is also extremely important when it comes to lactation. This is not only because the baby needs it but because your body needs it too.

Vitamin D for breastfed babies is also important as low levels of this nutrient are common if you and baby are not getting enough exposure to the sunlight. Similarly, Vitamin C is important for a baby’s general health and overall immune system. Luckily, this supplement contains both vitamin d for babies, as well as vitamin c for babies.

While this supplement provides some of the best vitamins for babies 0-6 months as well as 6-12 months, it is important to note that it is taken by the breastfeeding moms and is not intended for children to take. So just be aware that your pediatrician may advise you to provide extra supplements for your newborn.

Once they are 3 years and older, the Smarty Pants dietary supplement comes highly recommended.

For Immune Support and Healthy Digestion

As you know, this product is not simply prenatal vitamins for hair growth. In fact, the raw supplement also supports the immune system of both mother and baby. Furthermore, it promotes healthy digestion with ingredients such as probiotics, ginger, vitamin D, and zinc in case you are feeling queasy from morning sickness. All of these are essential to ensuring a healthy and happy pregnancy.

The health of the blood and heart is also supported with iron, vitamin C, E, and B complex plus folate. There is also support for healthy skin to help it bounce back and cope better with the new demands that being a mom has put on it. For skincare, vitamins A and C, as well as iron and copper promise to supplement your needs.

An added bonus is that this product is 100% organic: it is vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free. Choosing the Garden Life Vegetarian Multivitamin Supplement is, therefore, a suitable option for women with all kinds of lifestyles, dietary choices or restrictions.

  • Includes nutrients from 23 different fruits and vegetables
  • Support for both mother and child during pregnancy as well as during breastfeeding
  • Immune system support and promotion of healthy digestion for mom and baby
  • Health of blood and heart supported
  • Vitamins to help with healthy skin
  • Organic, vegetarian, dairy free, and gluten free

Are Prenatal Vitamins Good For Hair Growth?

Because this Garden of Life multivitamin for women contains so many of the nutrients and minerals needed to support healthy and thick hair growth, many women have attributed this benefit to the use of these supplements.

Although there is no scientific evidence to back this up, the number of positive reviews regarding hair growth when taking them are overwhelming.

Biotin, which is part of the B vitamin group, is used to treat hair loss and to promote hair growth. This nutrient is present in the Garden of Life raw whole food multivitamin supplement. Iron, Vitamin C, and zinc have also all been shown to make huge improvements for women seeking longer and thicker hair. You often see them name in many hair growth supplements including this one.

The benefit of ingesting all of these by taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth is that you will also be providing your body with all the extra nutrients Garden of Life has to offer. Because this product is organic and raw, you can be assured that the way it delivers these to your body is safe, healthy, and helpful.

What People Say About This Product

Overall, this product has a 4-star review on Amazon, rated by almost 3,000 users. 72% of these users have given the product 5 stars. It has been hailed as a multivitamin that helps to ensure the ingestion of all of the helpful ingredients and nutrients that our bodies need when pregnant and breastfeeding.

A quick search into the best prenatal vitamins out there will easily show Garden of Life’s product as one of the best reviewed and well received. As far as hair growth goes, the presence of Biotin and other nutrients means it is likely that claims surrounding the supplements role in healthier hair are true.

Should You Take This Supplement?

With so many great reviews and an ingredient list that boasts raw and organic nutrients and supplements, Garden of Life raw prenatal vitamins for hair growth seems like the obvious choice. When it comes to taking these while you are not pregnant however, there may be some questions you need to ask you or your doctor first.

Be sure to check up on ingredients that may cause adverse effects if taken in excess. If you are not pregnant, you may not need to supplement certain nutrients into your body. Sometimes, a normal multivitamin or digestive enzyme will do the trick instead.

While this product is regarded by many as great for hair growth, its other benefits are also notable and worth looking in to. Ultimately, deciding whether to take this supplement all boils down to your body and what it needs in terms of nutrients and support. Your health practitioner will be able to advise you on what the best option for you is, and what it is that your body (and your baby) may be needing.

Supplement Ingredients Include

  • RAW vitamins and minerals from 23 fruits and veggies
  • Folate
  • Iron
  • Vit A, D3, C, E, B6, B12
  • Biotin
  • Iodine
  • Ginger
  • Probiotics


The dosage for this product is 3 capsules, 3 times a day with or without food. Capsules can be opened and may be taken directly with water or raw juices.

This product is Non-GMO and has no binders and fillers. Therefore, you can safely take it knowing you have access to a quality supplement.

Remember that if you are taking prenatal vitamins for hair growth and are not pregnant, then you should be positive that your body actually needs all of the extra nutrients you are giving it. Either way, you may find that the benefits of increased hair growth and strength are noticeable and reliable.