Magnetique Hair Growth Supplements Review

If you walk into any pharmacy or supermarket these days, you’re likely to come across at least one whole aisle dedicated to selling various supplements to boost your health. Knowing which ones could be beneficial to you is entirely dependent on your current diet and what you want to achieve—whether that be a better night’s sleep, more energy, or shinier and thicker hair.

Today, we will take a close look at one such product – Magnetique Hair Growth Supplement. The Magnetique Supplement brand claims to promote better hair health by providing all of the extra vitamins and minerals that affect hair quality and hair growth. We want to see what’s actually in it and investigate how these ingredients should and could potentially help your hair’s health and look.

About Hair Supplements

Many people take pride in their appearance, and if they feel that their hair is letting them down, then it can affect their confidence. Using skilled hairdressing approaches is, of course, one way to mask thinning hair and make it look smoother and thicker. In the long run though, what you’re really doing is damaging your hair even more.

One popular alternative to professional hair treatments is taking dietary hair supplements that claim to aid hair health from the inside, out. With so many options available on the market though, it’s difficult to know where to start, especially when it’s hard to make sense of all of the ingredients!

Magnetique Hair Growth Supplements


This supplement was developed on the principle that when you are run down health-wise, your hair is usually one of the first things to suffer and will start looking lack-luster and dull. Thus, it is packed with a whole host of vitamins and minerals that are known to promote not just hair growth but also overall wellness.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is for anyone, male or female, who want to achieve healthier and fuller looking hair. If you feel like you are losing a lot of hair recently and want to inject new life into your scalp, then this Magnetique product could be the product for you to try.

These supplements shouldn’t be used by anyone taking medication, or by women who are pregnant or nursing, without speaking to their doctor first. Also, this product is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to the fact that it contains gelatin.

What’s Included?

On arrival, your package will contain one bottle that provides a one month supply. At the recommended dosage of two per day, this equals 60 capsules supplied.

Overview Of The Product

Magnetique hair growth supplements contain a full ingredients list written on the back of the bottle. To better understand how it works, we looked at what each of these key ingredients does and how they can help with overall hair health and growth.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed for cell growth necessary for growing hair. In fact, diets that lack this vitamin have led to significant hair loss. Then again, overdosing on vitamin A can also have the same effect. This is most likely the reason why one tablet contains only 50% of your daily recommended intake as opposed to 100% like all of the other ingredients.

Vitamin A also helps with your body’s production of sebum, which moisturizes your scalp and helps to keep your hair healthy.


Diets that are known to be deficient in biotin have also been linked to hair loss. Although it is naturally occurring in many foods, people who aren’t getting enough biotin show the best results from taking this as a supplement to help hair growth.

The Magnetique ingredients provide 100% of your recommended daily intake. Biotin is one of the best vitamins for hair growth as it helps increase follicle strength. Hence, you should see a decrease in the amount of hair you lose each time you shower or brush your hair.

Vitamin B6

These supplements also contain vitamin B6, which helps regulate your body’s production of androgens. Androgen is a hormone that can cause hair loss.

In addition to that, vitamin B6 also helps the delivery and flow of oxygenated blood to the scalp. As such, it helps the hair follicles get enough keratin and melanin, which then results in hair revitalization and hair renewal. All of these contribute to a thicker head of hair after prolonged use.


Niacin (also known as vitamin B3) dilates the blood vessels. This process helps promote nutrient circulation in the scalp. As a result, it helps prevent hair loss and helps regrowth by making sure all your body’s nutrients are nourishing your hair and scalp properly.

Vitamin E

This supplement also contains vitamin E, which is another well-known vitamin that helps support healthy hair, skin, and nails. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that is thought to reduce oxidative stress (another factor that is linked to hair loss). It also helps boost circulation to the hair follicles.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to be a fantastic antioxidant. The presence of vitamin C in these supplements will help to combat oxidative stress caused by free radicals (toxic byproducts caused by oxygen metabolism). Vitamin C can also help with your body’s production of collagen, which is a protein found in hair.

ECO Blend Daily Complex

This supplement also contains 300mg of an ECO Blend Daily Complex, which includes natural plant remedies that are all linked to helping maintain healthy circulation or have been used to help treat hair loss throughout the ages.

This blend contains wheat germ powder, horsetail powder, coleus forskolli extract, caralluma fimbriata, garcinia cambogia, and green coffee extract. Most of these ingredients are also found in weight loss supplements, which is an added bonus if you are looking for it.


Unfortunately, this product isn’t vegetarian or vegan-friendly as they use gelatin in the capsules.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Magnetique hair growth vitamins also comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results achieved from their product, the company promises to refund you, no questions asked. This shows that they have great faith in their product. What’s more is that you get to try them out, risk-free.

Get The Most Out Of This Supplement

If you want to achieve the best hair growth results from taking these supplements, then it is recommended that you take two tablets each day. More than that, we also advise to keep an eye on your diet and ensure that you are not getting too much vitamin A overall. Too much of this vitamin could have the opposite effects from what you want to achieve.

In addition to taking these supplements, another thing you can do to promote hair growth is not washing your hair too often. In case you don’t know yet, water causes the hair follicle to swell, which leads to frizz and breakage.

Using dry shampoo in between washes will help make your hair look fuller and also stop it from looking greasy. When you do wash your hair, always make sure to massage your scalp to increase blood flow and circulation to the roots.

Alternative On The Market


We didn’t like the fact that Magnetique brand is not vegan-friendly, so we went ahead and looked for one that is. Produced by a brand called Deva, these hair growth tablets contain B-vitamins such as biotin, Niacin (B3), and B6 as well as vitamin B1, B2, B5, and B12.

However, with biotin being the best vitamin known for hair health and growth, it is worth noting that Magnetique’s supplements contain 3000mcg of biotin per capsule. On the other hand, the Deva capsules only have 500mcg.

What’s more is that the levels of vitamin B6 are higher in the tablets from Deva. They also contain D2, iodine (kelp), zinc (oxide), and some other ingredients that are missing from Magnetiques supplements.


We don’t think you can realistically expect to have a magic pill that makes your hair start growing faster, healthier, and stronger. However, having looked at all of the key ingredients in these supplements, there is solid reasoning that supplementing your diet with this cocktail of vitamins and minerals, in particular, could help promote hair to grow, hair health, and hair vitality while also slowing down or preventing hair loss.

We think that Magnetique hair growth supplements are better overall due to the increased amount of biotin, which is known for its application in the cosmetics industry for healthy hair, skin, and nails. If you are vegetarian or vegan though, then you will have to look for an alternative as you can’t take this tablet while remaining true to your diet due to the inclusion of gelatin.