Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement Review

The Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement is designed for all those men who’re looking for a suitable alternative to the testosterone replacement therapy. This therapy is often recommended to those men who’ve been found with low levels of testosterone.

This condition can cause adverse effects on the human body, which includes regular sleep deprivation as well as loss of body mass. Apart from it, lack of testosterone can also inflict unwanted depression along with affecting man’s performance during sex. So it is essential, especially for the male population, to sustain a certain level of this particular hormone in their body.

So does this supplement, which comes manufactured from a USA based company, works in terms of increasing the level of testosterone hormones in the human body? And if it does, what are the side effects which one has to take care of while taking this supplement? Let’s find out.

Features of Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement

  • Prime Labs is a USA Based Company.
  • Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement is made entirely from natural ingredients.
  • According to the manufacturer, it ameliorates mood, builds muscles and enhances the optimal performance of a human body.
  • Contains Calcium, Goat Weed, Orchic Substance and Boron.


The Prime Labs Testosterone Supplement consists of the following important ingredients:

Orchic Substance: This particular substance is derived from the cattle’s testicles. In the past few years, different manufacturers have used this ingredient, to increase their products’ testosterone enhancing abilities. However, a considerable amount of research is still required to prove whether or not this ingredient can boost testosterone levels in the human body.

Horny Goat Weed: This is not a testosterone booster itself. However, horny goat weed does increase the circulation of blood in the human body. It eventually supplies more blood to the body muscles as well as other sensitive parts of your body. As a result, it helps in better growth of muscles as well as improved sexual performance.

Sarsaparilla: Another ingredient which comes handy for improving sexual desire, Sarsaparilla is ideal for all those people who often experience sexual dysfunction due to psychological problems.

Tongkat Ali: One of the most famous ingredients which have been used in this supplement, it has been scientifically proven that Tongkat Ali supports fertility in men. In addition, it can also help in the growth of body muscles along with the reduction of unwanted fat.  But even though the manufacturer claims that Tongkat Ali has a significant effect on the levels of hormones, it still isn’t proven by any research that this ingredient can boost the levels of testosterone.

Saw Palmetto: This particular ingredient works in such a way that it hinders the conversion of testosterone hormones to DHT. Saw Palmetto suppresses the enzymes which are responsible for this conversion. Eventually, it results in a sustained level of testosterone in your body.

Nettle: When it comes to free testosterone hormones, Nettle has been found to work extremely well for increasing their levels in the human body. Basically, it inhibits the sex hormone binding globulin which eventually allows more testosterone to circulate in the human blood.

Calcium: A famous natural ingredient, Calcium is extremely popular when it comes to strengthening the human bones. In addition, it also supports the function of body muscles.

Boron: Another decent ingredient, Boron helps improve both free as well as total testosterone levels. It also reduces estrogen which can hinder your sexual activities.

How to take Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement

According to the manufacturer, it is recommended to consume 2 caplets. Because the size of these capsules is bigger than average tablets, users should take them with a glass of water.

Any Side Effects

Even though this supplement comes in a proprietary blend, there still isn’t any noticeable side effect which one could associate with the Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement. This is due to the reason that this supplement is made entirely from natural sources.


  • Available at an Affordable Price
  • Can improve sexual performance
  • Calcium and Boron is found to have a positive effect on the growth of muscles
  • Nettle enhances testosterone levels


  • Proprietary Blend might not be the first choice of some customers
  • Some ingredients which are found in this supplement have very little effect on the testosterone levels


For the budget oriented customers, the Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement provides an ideal choice. Not only it is available at a reduced price, the fact that it is made entirely from natural sources means that you don’t have to worry about the side effects of this supplement.


The Prime Labs Men’s Testosterone Supplement can enhance your sexual performance, improves your body muscles and burn the excess amount of fats. However, when it comes to boosting testosterone levels, this isn’t the highest-quality product which one could purchase in this category.

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