SmartyPants Kids Complete Daily Gummy Vitamins

Make your kids think they are eating gummy candy with this brilliant chewable children’s vitamin. The SmartyPants Kids Complete gummy supplement is one of the best children’s vitamins on the market for a number of reasons. Made with only high-quality ingredients, the tasty gummies will give your children the boost their bodies need.

Not only do these supplements for kids contain 13 essential nutrients for a healthy body, but they also taste great. With zero synthetic coloring, all-natural flavoring, and containing no common allergens, this product can be enjoyed from an early age.

  • Contains omega-3 EPA and DHA essential fatty acids
  • A source of B12 for energy production
  • Contains vitamin D3 for bone and immune health
  • Non-GMO
  • Free from the 8 most common allergens
  • A source of 13 essential nutrients
  • Manufactured in California

What Are SmartyPants Best Children’s Vitamins?


SmartyPants complete daily gummies are designed to aid kids in their health and growth. We think that this is one of the best children’s vitamins on the market right now due to its great combination of nutrients and superb taste appeal.

Containing 13 essential nutrients, it is a great all-rounder supplement for children’s health needs. We like that it contains omega 3, EPA and DHA essential fatty acids which are all sustainably sourced from wild caught small fish. Omega 3 has so many benefits to growing little people, one of the main ones being it promotes brain health.

Sometimes Omega 3 supplements for kids are difficult for them to get down. However, because these children multivitamins are disguised as gummy candy, all the little ones ever notice is the great taste. Additionally, their all-natural coloring and flavoring make them ever more popular. This product really looks and tastes nothing like you would expect from a supplement.

The best children’s vitamins shouldn’t stop at omega 3 though! That is why this SmartyPants product is also a source of vitamin D which is vital for young ones in the growing phase of life. With a healthy dose of D3 in these chewy gummies, your kids’ bones and teeth will be happy and healthy.

The B12 found in this supplement comes in the form of methylcobalamin. This form of the nutrient is suitable for your child’s body and helps to support normal immune functioning.

There is also a healthy dose of folate in this product. Folate is what helps to convert food into energy. In order for your offspring to be living their best, most proactive life, providing them with folate is a great way to help.

Benefits Of Taking This Product

Sometimes a little help is needed to maintain your children’s nutrition and energy during their growth. Through taking this daily supplement, you can easily provide your kids with the nutrients their young bodies require.

As a source of omega 3, this product will give your children’s bodies a real boost. While omega 3 has so many benefits, it is especially good for energy production, bone growth, brain health, immune and thyroid functioning. Being perfectly balanced with EPA and DHA, this yummy gummy contains the nutrition your child’s body needs.

This supplement is also a source of much-wanted vitamin D. This nutrient plays a big role in the healthy growth of bones and teeth in people. Children especially need it to build strong bones as they grow, and so providing an extra source of vitamin D is essential to many.

The addition of folate keeps your kids’ energy levels up, while B12 supports healthy immune functioning. Overall this ensures a healthier, happier and more active child.

Because this product contains a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, it is one that will keep your kids’ bodies happy.

  • Helps the healthy and strong growth of bones, teeth, and brain
  • Supports healthy thyroids and normal immune functioning
  • Folate helps your children produce energy
  • A source of antioxidants
  • A source of 13 essential nutrients for happy child growth
  • A tasty and fun product that kids love

How Does This Supplement Work For Bone And Immune Health

Vitamin D

As your little ones grow up, maintaining healthy bone growth is essential. Vitamin D for children is exactly what is needed to achieve this. Through using the SmartyPants product, which contains vitamin D supplements for kids, your child will be supplied with this necessary nutrient.

To help achieve maximum help with bone health, vitamin D3 is packed into the gummies. It is the best form of the nutrient for your child’s body to take in and will provide maximum benefits. Only the best quality, premium ingredients are used by SmartyPants, so there should be no concern over not seeing results.

Omega 3

One of nature’s greatest treasures, omega 3, is also found in this product. Because of this oil’s amazing benefits, Omega 3 supplements can be found everywhere. However, the tasty and fun way that the SmartyPants best children’s vitamins are presented makes them more enjoyable than the rest.

Sourced from sustainably caught small wild fish, the omega 3 EPA and DHA essential fatty acids will play a major role in supporting your child’s growth. While omega 3 has many benefits, they include support for energy, bone, immune and thyroid health. When it comes to kids vitamins, this ingredient is essential for maximum health benefits.


Normal immune functioning and boosted immune health is supported through the addition of vitamin B12. This nutrient comes in its premium form of methylcobalamin. It is best suited to young bodies in this form and as a result, maximum results are achieved. Taking premium B12 daily will boost the immune system and ensure that everyone is happy and healthy.

Essential nutrients

Amongst the powerful ingredients found in this great product for children, are plenty of other healthy things. The kids’ supplements are made up of 13 essential nutrients and vitamins. Combined, these work wonders for the general growth and development of healthy young bodies.

What People Say About It

Naturally, tried and tested results are key to making an informed decision when it comes to finding the right multivitamin for your child. So you will be happy to see all the positive feedback on SmartyPants’ product.

A natural approach to ingredients makes this supplement well-loved. The all natural, non-GMO gummies have helped many children. People have praised this product for helping with children’s concentration and development.

It is not only the physical boost that these nutrients supply which is loved though. According to parents who have given their children the SmartyPants supplement, confidence, behavior, schoolwork, and general outlooks have been improved too by taking the vitamins.

Should You Give Your Kids This Supplement

We all know how difficult it is to make a decision about kids supplements. Because parents only want the best for their offspring, it is important to find out exactly which ones are safe to take. While there are many multivitamins for children on the market, there are some standout benefits to the SmartyPants product which makes it a favorite:

Free from common allergens

Firstly, quality assurance and regulatory affairs have verified that this product is free from any milk, soy, egg, gluten, shellfish, peanuts, wheat, fish and tree nut allergens. These are the eight most common allergens, and so a lack of them makes this product a safe choice.

Premium ingredients

As it is one of the best children’s vitamins there is no need to worry about dodgy ingredients in the supplement. Made up of only top quality, premium, and ethically sourced ingredients, this product is full of real goodness. It is a completely non-GMO supplement and contains absolutely no synthetic colors or flavors.

When compared to others on the market, SmartyPants gummies certainly are one of the best children’s vitamins out there.

Great taste that kids love

One of the great things about this multivitamin product is its taste and appearance. As it is a delicious, chewy, candy lookalike, your kids will love taking them. So if you struggle to get your kids to take any type of supplement in pill form, this product is definitely an easy way to change that.

Suitable for ages 3 and up

The nutrients contained suit all growing children and are designed to help all types of bodies. The premium ingredients are not harmful or dangerous in any way and provide a healthy boost to kids of all ages.

Supplement Ingredients

Made up of 13 essential vitamins and nutrients, this is a jam-packed supplement. It contains Vitamins A C D E B6 B12, thiamin, riboflavin, folate, biotin, pantothenic acid, iodine, zinc, omega 3 EPA and DHA essential fatty acids.

As mentioned before, it is a non-GMO product and is free from the eight most common allergens. Also, it does not contain any synthetic flavors, colors, or high fructose corn syrup.


Taking this product is one of the easiest ways to support your child’s health. Simply give them 4 gummies daily, with or without food. Furthermore, children aged three years and up can safely take this product.